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#275163 What should I do? Tech said nothing wrong if app says not...
470 0 2016-3-28
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Flight distance : 236414 ft

My new Phantom 3 pro which was doa on unboxing was returned to me last week. When I got to test it the esc/motors are making a large hissing/static ,(not the normal noise with no props).  My mom was kind enough to call dji due to me being disabled due too health problems, but aparrently DJI Support gave her a hard time and were addiment that nothing is wrong if the app say nothing, even tho ive had a previous p3a that I returned that didnt have this problem. My friend also has a p3p and he doesnt get this hissing noise comming from his esc/motor 1 area.

They said they would do an escalated rma but quoted me 3 weeks, he said they are swamped with repairs at the moment

Can a DJI rep tell me what I should do? It sounds very weird in flight and on the ground with no props if I rev it hisses/static. If i let it run on idle and pick it up and move it different angles, it sounds like motor1/esc (left motor when looking head on) that the other motors/esc dont make.  I dont want my phantom going out of control due to amotor failure.

This is really becoming a nightmare, I don't know if I should send it in, I think there is an issue tho.

Ticket # 275163 please if possible get the shipping label sent asap, so I can ship this thing back again.
Old ticket #267386

Use props
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