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Love for the bird on the beach
605 0 2016-3-28
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Hi everyone! greetings from México, we have some time with the I1 and like all the things maintenance has to be done, so far we didn't cross with any trouble, we don't fly often, and we that in mind I want to ask you about your experience for storing the batteries for long periods of time... 1 or 2 month maybe more, plus your experience on the beach, we notice some rust on the screws on all the landing gear and we are a little bit concern... can you share your experience with us?

Let me share ours:
Like I told you before, we don't fly very often, we normally flight 3-4 days in a row on a 50-60 days period or less than that, we always try to keep our batteries (3-TB47 and 1-TB48) at 50% when we storage them... they might have about 30-40 cycles each in about more than a year...  like you might figure it out by the title, we are near to the beach, we think that salt might be an issue and we normally use a clean cloth when we finish the session to clean the bird. When we start storage all the things we clean de I1 again... you have to be sure is clean right?... we storage all the equipment in a office where all the windows are open, again, near to the beach (less that 150 feet away) so is normal to get some breeze time to time with a little salt in it, so at least 1 time a month we clean the bird.

Now it's your turn  

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