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Updated Phantom 3 RC but...
514 2 2016-4-4
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United States

Hello everyone,

On Friday, I was able to update the bird to 1.7.  Once all of that finished that, I launched the remote control and saw that it also needed an upgrade.  When both the bird and the remote control were good to go, I proceeded to test the P3P out.  The first thing that I noticed that up until I turned the props on, the RC would continue to beep loudly long with a first LED light to be a stationary Red light vs the normal.

Has anyone else experienced this? New feature or am I doing something wrong?

Minus a slight compass calibration error that I was able to survive, everything else worked fine.  Let me know! Thanks!
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Ok, so after the updates were completed, you went to fly but you are hearing a beep tone and you have a red light on the first far left led on the Transmitter is this correct.  

You are still able to fly ?    did you have a low battery or some other warning perhaps that was going off ?   I am not sure if you have the updates done correctly because you should have had a green light on the Transmitter  when connected to the aircraft  and about to fly ? Did you notice that the first Led on the transmitter turned green when flying ?-
Did you happen to have the Transmittter sitting idle for a long period of time powered ON without the aircraft being on ?  This would present the red light and beeping sound that you are describing.  Did the first led  light turn green ( On Transmitter )   when you turned on the aircraft and did the beeping stop then as well . If this is the case , keep in mind when the transmitter is ON sitting idle for more than 5 minutes ( approx)  it will begin to beep and the red light will be on the first led, once the sticks are moved the timer starts over again, this is to prevent a Transmitter going dead by forgetting to turn it off and is normal.  
If the above is true you dont have to bother with providing additional information.
Can you please turn everything to on like you are about to fly and take a screen shot of the "About " page. I would like to see what update versions have successfully loaded. The page looks like this.  ( mine is from an old  update , so the versions are a bit different, but this is the page i would like to see ) OR if you cant do a screeshot please list the Firmware versions and then jost post them to see  Please.

DJI screen shot about page for firmware.jpg
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What's the battery level of RC at that time?  If it has enough power , you can try to calibrate the RC and try again :
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