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German repair service
1737 4 2016-4-9
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After I flew my new P3A into a tree, it needed repair. The gimbal was broken. So I sent it to the German DJI repair facility. This is how it worked:

Friday, March 11: I used the email support form provided on the DJI website to ask for the mail address of the German DJI repair shop. As I expected the email to be forwarded to the German shop, I wrote my request in German language.
Monday, March 14: Unexpected, I received this replay from DJI: "Unfortunately our technical support is English speaking only. Please rephrase your inquiry accordingly. Thank you very much!". The message also indicated "your request (177924) has been solved" So I wrote down my request again, this time in English language. By this I created a new ticket number (1802549).
Wednesday, March 16: I received a survey message from DJI and was asked to rate the service (177924).
Monday, March 21: I received an email from DJI Support EU asking for details about the P3A: Aircraft S/N, Remote S/N, Gimbals S/N, Proof of purchase etc. I provided the information requested.
Tuesday, March 22: I received an email from DJI Support EU with instructions and a RMA form to be filled out and sent together with the quadcopter. I used the original box in which I received the P3A for shipping the drone to the German repair facility, which just moved into another location as of March 17. I only shipped the drone and the RMA form, no remote, no batteries.
Wednesday, March 24: Again, I received a survey message from DJI and was asked to rate the service (1802549).
Thursday, March 31: I received an email indicating that my P3A had been received by the German repair facility. It also provided the case number, so I could trace the status of my repair request (
Friday, April 1: I received an email with the bill attached. I paid using my Papapl account and submitted the case number as reference for the payment. In total, I paid 149€ for a new gimbal plus working hours.
Monday, April 4: I received an email informing me that my P3A had been shipped to my home. A tracking number was provided, but unfortunately, the shipping company was not named, only a cryptic number was provided instead: "Your unit has been shipped via :42047589" By playing around with the tracking number in Google, I was able to identfy the shipping company as UPS.
Tuesday, April 5: I received a P3A in excellent condition. Then I checked the serial numbers of the main frame and the gimbal. I expected to see the gimbal replaced, but then I noticed that the drone itself was a different one! Somebody at the German repair facility must have mixed up my P3A with another P3A.

The sequence in short and according repair tracing was
                                                               Received                                                    2016/3/31 8:23:12                 
                                                               Repair cost assessed and quoted                2016/3/31 9:48:12                  
                                                               Repaired and tested                                    2016/4/4 14:04:02                 
                                                               Product delivered                                        2016/4/4 14:58:51                        

I had to link the remote control to the drone again (the surely linked it to another remote control for testing) and flew it in my garden. Everything works as it should.

As a summary, I can assure that once the hurdle of filing a repair ticket has been taken, the repair process itself is a fast one - at least in Germany.
And - whoever might receive my P3A with serial number P77DCLO 2B27431, it only flew 39 minutes and had a minor collision with a tree. Have fun with it and treat my baby well!

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DJI team

Hong Kong

ohh.. that's complicated! I'll talk to our EU colleagues about this case. However I'm glad that the aircraft you got works perfectly.
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DJI Europe is horrible it's been five months to send back my bird which I personally brought into the office and then not to mention they said it wasn't covered under warranty and I haven't even had the drone for months and also it was sent back broken after five months then asked me so long can you just fix my drone know we're going to send you some propellers what the hell is in propellers going to do  then going to quote me some on this year "Me unnecessary fixes that doesn't really need to be fixed like the outer shell of the drone and said of just fixing the arm so I can fly
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Punctuation please?
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Flight distance : 3999 ft

What address did you sent it to?
I just logged my case and was ready to ship my mavic. I doubled check again before calling UPS (I live in Turkey) and now I see the shipping info changed to California.
I am super confused.
Should I sent it to the US??
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