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Aerial Photography Feast
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Hong Kong


What would happen if aerial photography were combined with delicious food?
Well, a talented photographer and digital artist over on the Chinese forum did just that, and we’d like to share his work here. He took aerial photos of his hometown Zhang Zhou and created an aerial photography feast!

Here’s Nan Shan Temple, the first appetizer.

It’s a well-built, sturdy temple surrounded by a calming blue lake and illuminated by   ample sunshine. One of the finest spots in Zhang Zhou.
Next appetizer is the Bagua Building.

The building is hidden in a dense grassy plain, giving it an air of mystery and seclusion.

The  main course is Long Wen Tower Baked Rice.

Long Wen Tower has the perfect combination of color, aroma, taste, and appearance.
Next comes   Qiao Cun Savory Soup.

Qiao Cun can cheer you up and refresh your heart and mind.
Here’s a spicy urban dish.

Like much of China, the Long Wen district in Zhang Zhou is rapidly developing.

This one is a special recommendation; Rong Xin Building Stew.

The Rong Xin building is a new central landmark in the Long Wen District.
This one is called Stir Fry Stadium.
This is my favorite one, because   of its symmetry and simplicity.

After the feast, let us have Lovers’ Lake Tea.


Finally, let’s indulge our sweet teeth with a cone of Wen Temple Ice Cream.
This  temple is over a thousand-year years old!
We  hope this guy’s work can inspire you to use your aerial photos in creative new   ways.
Thank   you!


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