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#275163 Phantom Pro 3 returned with missing fan screws.
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Repaired phantom 3 pro arrived with 3 screws missing from the gimbal fan and the last screw loose and has only been flown once before repair.  Is there any way dji can send me 3 screws because they obviously came off in shipping to dji as I check the fan before and after its maiden flight and it was fine. The screws were not it the box so they had to come off in shipping.

If dji won't send me the screws can I buy the acrews somewhere?

I screwed in the last screw with a dab of blue locktite, hopefully that will hold. the inspection and testing of repairs have not been very good in my experience thus far.

Oh and why does my phantom come back greasy, your techs aren't working on aircraft with gasoline engines, their hands should not be full of black grease that took me an hour to get off the rc in both repairs I've had?
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So if screws are actually tight, they really shouldn't come out in shipping. I've had alot of stuff shipped, small screws like that usually are snug and don't just fall out.

Have you called DJI via phone? I think this would be the most effective way.

I second the call for the phantom being dirty - i had a repair on mine and it came back dirty as well. not grease, but the controller and copter were not quite "clean". And, they jacked up my landing gear and I had to fight to get it replaced, but i did!

Hope you find an amicable resolution, I'd be on the phone with them
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