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Matrice M 100 bad firmware report GO APP
685 0 2016-4-17
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United States

not sure if this important :-)

I have two Matrice M 100 and I have to update it through the assistant software, which works fine. The aircraft and batteries get upgraded with out any problems. Well so I think.

So here is the problem. My I pad air tells me that all softwares are all up to date, which they should be as I just uploaded all new firmware.

But my Samsung tablet as well as my Samsung note 5 tells me to update the firmware ( update required )
the APP tells me to upgrade the aircraft as well as camera.

1. So why does the IOS APP is okay and the Android APP tells me to upgrade both of them are 2.7.2

Software versions on Android phone or tablet:

APP : 2.7.2
Version : +
Camera :
Remote : 1.6.0
Flight controller : 041D290149

IOS Air iPad

APP : 2.7.2
Aircraft :
RC : Version 1.6.0
Flight controller : 041D290149

The about screen in both APP's shows the same Versions !

The last upgrade for the Matrice M100 blew my RC controller it got stuck in firmware download. Some serial error it would not upgrade to 1.6.0 or so. So I bought a new controller.  I did send the old one to DJI USA to be repaired ...... They just want me to purchase a new controller even the controller was fully functional on the older software. Go figure I wait until I the old RC back.

Is this normal, that the RC controllers stop loading firmware after a point ( like the iPhone 3 or 4 ) as well as that some aircrafts like my early version of the Matrice M100 will do the same?

I even have an older Matrice M 100 ( Matrix ) ...... which still flies great.

Too windy today to test the latest firmware upgrade.


Use props
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