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Lightbridge has what kind of DC Plug??
1473 2 2015-1-16
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This has been driving me nuts for a while,
The lightbridge charger has a non tradition DC concentric barrel plug at approx 6.5 (or 6.4)mm outer diameter and an inner diamter of approx 4mm.
In the Lightbridge documentation, I could not find official measurements for this DC plug which should have been included.
Can someone, from DJI or electronics expert, verify what model/manufactorer of this plug is?

I need to use laptop chargers to remotely recharge / power the Lightbridge regardless of it's internal battery.
Non of the DC plug adapters I have are the same type of the LB. I'm using Poweradd's Apollo Pro chargers with standard plug adapters.

I do not want to have to cut the cord of my LB charger and modify it just so I can recharge my LB with portable chargers, neither should anyone else.
With the amount of money we paid for our LBs... it seems odd that such a non-traditional DC plug would be used for production.
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I completely agree here.  In the documentation it says you can plug in a lipo battery to charge in the field, but if you can't get a connector, how are you going to do that?  I'm tempted to put an inline quick disconnect in so it still works at home, but also be able to plug in another type of connector to charge from a portable charger.
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I gave in and brought a second charger. I do hope DJI will list it as a buyable part in the near future.
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