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Is Lightbridge FDD or TDD? Not Diversity but wifi MIMO?
1683 2 2015-1-16
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I've been looking into details of my lightbridge and have found out that it is a wifi MIMO connection between the air and ground unit... not diversity.
Considering this.... I can't seem to find anywhere details about duplexing eg frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD).
Could someone please clear this up? Thank you

This question is also applicable to people wanting to use ampliers / boosters but I am asking for purely academic purposes. I want to know and should know how my product works. Thanks!

P.S. here's good info on what FDD and TDD is for those who want to know: ... between-fdd-and-tdd
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Flight distance : 124396 ft

Hi David, does that mean that both antennas are used for either video transmission and flight control, or is one antenna for video and the other is for flight control?

Thank you,
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Offline Posted at 2015-2-3 12:03
Hi David, does that mean that both antennas are used for either video transmission and flight contro ...

I have just been trying the range extender mod, by fitting the twin sma cables within the p4 controller, the supplied 7dbi "bat ear" types were worse than the stock "di-poles", but this was not unexpected, I wanted to connect my 7 element wifi beam , back to the question, the system uses 2 aerials but as mentioned this is not one control one video!, it is all combined, control and video and the left aerial appears to be the main , the right aerial I have infact placed a 50ohm cap or left open or tried another aerial it seems to make no difference. So the 7 element beam works very well , as expected, so, need to read up on Mimo, diversity etc, need the internal circuit diagram ??,  anyone?
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