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Ronin M Questions, 360, tuning, etc.
891 1 2016-5-2
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United States

Hi Guys.  New here.
I have used Inspire's, Phantom 3 Pros, Phantom 4's and s900's with Red's on them.  Now, I need a Ronin (or other gimbal, suggestions welcome.  Budget is very limited)  I have been looking at the ronin M, and have a few questions.

Question 1:  Looking through all of the support forums, I cannot seem to find the pan limits.  If i have the ronin M mounted to a crane, with a canon 6D on it, can it continuously pan around in a circle without reset?  This is not a dealbreaker but it would be quite nice....  

Question 2:  I am planning on using whatever gimble I buy in a rig we built off of a jeep, using both a crane or me(strapped to the jeep) hanging off the side.  (we do offroading and dirtbiking, so saftey is somewhat lost on us.)  How does the Ronin M handle wind?  If we are making 65mph on the road in and i have the ronin out on a boom, is the wind resistance gonna make it go nuts or burn out any motors?  This would be bad, as you can imagine.  I know the stiffness controll can be upped for high windspeed, but in the videos i've seen, as soon as the stiffness goes above 60 the motors vibrate and the camera drifts.  Also unacceptable, to a point.  

Question 3:  Dust?  I have gone through 5 H3-3D's, all but one lost to sand, dust,  jamming, and a few burnouts because of jamming.  (The fifth was lost off Hawaii, about 40 feet down....  recovered, but useless.)  The Ronin M will not be operated above salt water (thankfully) but it will be used in a very dusty and possibly sandy environment.  I will do my utmost to keep it clear and clean, but inevetably some dust and sand will get to it.  is there a way to either safeguard against this, or take the actual motors apart and clean them out?

Thanks for the answers in advance guys.  #1 is the most important.

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DJI team


Hello! Evan
Thanks for your questions and your support to DJI products!
Below are the answers to your questions for your reference:
Question 1: Please refer to the official specification of Ronin-M at
Question 2: The Ronin-M is a 3-axis camera stabilization gimbal that holds a wide variety of cameras, giving you smooth, stable, hand-held footage in most conditions. It can resist the wind caused by driving a car with the speed of around 90km/h at most.
Question 3: We would not recommend disassemble the unit by yourself anyways. For any issue, please contact our technical support for help. As you can find the 'Maintenance' tips in the Ronin-M User Manual, that's: The Ronin-M is a precise machine and is not waterproof. Keep it away from sand and dust when in use. After use, it is recommended that you wipe the Ronin-M down with a soft dry cloth. Never spray any cleaning liquids onto the Ronin-M.
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