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OSMO with X5 / X5R
1748 1 2016-5-4
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I have noticed that when I use my OSMO with my X5 camera and use and change lenses, I need to counter balance quite a bit based on my use of my Variable ND, polarizers and other filters.  As I add weight to the front of my lens by adding filters, when I turn off the OSMO, the camera hangs straight down almost.  I use a 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 25mm and a 45mm Olympus micro 4/thirds's lenses.  I have found that using the DJI Zenmuse X5 / X5R Camera Lens Balancing Kit I am able to mittigate most of the need for counter-balance.  I bought this "Kit" on eBay,  This product is really for the X5 /X5R in it's aerial capacity on the Inspire 1 Pro.  When using the OSMO, the orientation of the X5 camera is upside down as compared with the X5 when mounted on the Inspire 1 Pro.  I emailed the manufacturer of the "Kit" that I bought on eBay and they mailed me a new pre-cut piece of velcro for free so that I was able to mount it on the top side of the camera where you load the SD card.  It came self-adhesive so it was easy to add it.  They also told me that all future kits will come with the extra pre-cut piece of velcro that will accommodate using the X5 on the OSMO as well.  Something must be done to balance the camera/lens or the motors will surely burn-up having to deal with the grossly out-of-balance camera / lens.  Hope this helps some of you that have run into this same problem.

Also, I was wondering what kind of video settings people are using and if in fact if they are using the same settings they were using when used with the Inspire 1 Pro?  What have your over-all  experiences been like using the X5 with the OSMO handle?
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DJI team

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Thanks for your feedback and information about the camera and the lenses!
If you mount the X5/X5R camera on the Osmo handle, the X5 adpator will be needed (Have you received your X5 adaptor?), what's more, in order to work correctly with the handle, please upgrade to the corresponding Osmo Pro or Osmo Raw firmware.

Any relevant concern, please feel free to ask us.
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