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Anyone using Lightbridge2 with H3-3d, H4-3d or a 3rd party gimbal??
828 1 2016-5-6
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Im struggling to get any concrete info online about this kind of setup and exactly what features I would be losing.

My understanding is that you will lose camera control features such as start/stop recording and shutter control etc. (I can live with that).

My main concern is controlling the gimbal pitch - DJI told me I would be able to control the pitch:

[color=rgb(139, 23, 44) !important]

But then I read in another post that you may not be able to smoothly control the pitch?

[color=rgb(139, 23, 44) !important]

So now Im confused and I don't seem to be able to get anywhere.

If anyone can assist I would be very grateful.

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DJI team


Hello! Doug,
Please take alexander.sucke's advice in ... D318%26typeid%3D318
Sorry for any confusion caused!
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