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Upgrade doesn't fonction in app, mac and windows
571 1 2016-5-11
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I try for 2 day to Upgrade my aicraft with DJI Assistant 2 on the mac , I try On the app DJI GO , I try with a lot of other device ! Window , IPAD , Tablet , IPHONE ....   But it doesn't fonction . I chat with a lot of person (cina, london)  every bady they said to unistal end reinstall ... a lot of idea but no one fonction ! I spoke with a person (germany) end he said a lot of person have thise problem. He said is a problem in CINA on the DJI Center ....   Someone have try a solution ? ther is some one else with thise problem?  Til when we need to wait for have a solution ?

Please if someone have an information if it can contact me ?
I really want to fly ! I have a Big event they ask me to film ... But I Can not   with thise problem

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Flight distance : 235341 ft
United States

same problem here.  just got yesterday in mail and wasted over 5 hrs to update firmware on IOS.  I was just told this is company wide issue and China sent someone over here (USA) to help resolve.  They told me to go borrow someone's android device.  THAT"S their technical support???

I have a new bird that I can't even use for my business.  UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!
Use props
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