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PWM signal value on DJI A2 controller
1360 0 2016-5-11
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Hi Everybody.!!!

Im working on several projects with my A2 controller and differents stuffs...

I'd seen that the A2 F1-F4 outputs are PWM and controls differents things, f.e. the gear (servos for landing gear)....  Well, The problem is that those (NON LABELED SERVOS) I think them are NON STANDART PWM servos. What I mean: Futaba and other servos have an standar PWM Values for the Pulsed signal (Digital signal), that works from 0V to +5V for the amplitude.

DJI A2 PWM outputs has a  0~+3.3V for the digital signal pulse (V-SEN) and 3A@5V voltage works. I can guees that the servos mounted on S900 or S1000 are non-standar servos and works with 3.3v for the digital signal.

When I want to use a common futaba servos or a relay module like arduino or pic elecronics cards to add other functions to my drone, I found an incompatible way to connect and control them...

Anyone have any idea? Any solution?

I was searching at ebay and web, that exits signal converter from 3.3v to 5v bidirectional, had anyone used it?

I will try to acquire this converter and try to connect it at the F1 or another F output from my A2 and use a standart FUTABA servo or standar 5V module relay....

If anyone is experiment with this stuff please contact me!!

Thanks a lot!


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