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Will be buying X5 + Osmo: So Inspire 1 or Phantom 4?
1381 2 2016-5-12
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I just want to make sure I'm considering all the pertinent factors here. First of all let me establish that I'll be purchasing the X5 camera + Osmo handle for run and gun style video shooting. I have also been planning a drone purchase for a while - at this point also to be used for more run and gun style shooting, but we do have a commercial video/photo company so there definitely would be planned commerical shooting in the cards too.

Initially I was planning on purchasing the P4, but since I'm buying the Osmo + X5 camera for ground work anyway, I realized I could get an Inspire 1 Pro and Osmo handle for only $400 more after piecing together full kits. So only a marginal price difference and now I'm in a dilemma. I know ultimately it's a decision that I must make and can't just ask you guys "what's best", but I just want to make sure that I'm considering all of the pertinent factors here.

Phantom 4 Pros:
  • Marginally cheaper (but still only $400) when bought with Osmo + X5
  • Faster time to air, more conducive to "run and gun" style shooting, especially when we plan on using this backpack which can keep the props on between shots when in the field:
  • More compact form factor, easier for both automobile and air travel
  • Longer battery life
  • Collision avoidance (I know not to rely on this, but definitely reassuring being a new pilot and all...)
  • Would have it's own (but inferior) camera, therefore my osmo + X5 system wouldn't be decommisioned if I had a crash (or vice versa)

Inspire 1 w/ X5 Pros:
  • Flying the better X5 camera vs the P4 camera (which I gather is similar to the X3)
  • More stable in flight due to heavier weight (potentially relevant since I live in a windy area)
  • Faster
  • Retractable landing gear, which I see very useful especially for high speed forward flight
  • Dual operator (my girlfirend and I are both photographers/videographers so we could use this for sure, but as newbies I see the "intelligent flight modes" being somethign we would use more at the moment. But maybe this is something that will change completely once experience is gained...)

At this point I am leaning a bit towards the P4, but at face value it also seems crazy to me when I think I'm opting for the "lesser" of the two systems when the price difference is almost negligble. Do you guys think I'm over estimating the benefits of the portability, faster setup, and collision avoidance of the P4? Is airline traveling with the P4 that much easier? What exactly would be the differences in setup time between the I1 and P4? Are we talking like a couple minutes? Are there backpacks similar to the Manfrotto D1 that could carry the Inspire 1 strapped on and fully setup?

Hoping to draw upon your guys' experience.

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I think that if you get the P4 you will regret it.

I started with a P3 standard and quickly stepped up to the P3 Pro because of the wifi interference and camera difference.
Then stepped up to an Inspire V2.0 with the X3 camera. I was disappointed in the image resolution and fixed focus.
I then got the X5 camera and was finally happy with the photographic ability. Aside from variable focus you have true F-stop with the x5. plus lens interchange options. Depth of field is of little use but stepping down to do time exposures is something I do often.
I damaged my x5 gimbal and had to revert to the x3 for awhile and felt castrated! It wasn't soon enough before I got a replacement x5.

Setting up the Inspire may take one whole minute more than the P4. Having to change from travel mode to landing mode before affixing the gimbal is the only difference. I often leave it in landing mode with a towel folded up under the camera to support it and set it on the floor of my Jeep to go from one shoot to another. Then when I arrive at my location, I just set it on the ground and turn it on. 10 seconds from parking to flying.

The amount of wind that the Inspire can tolerate is staggering. 30mph winds no problem. Amazing stability. The P3 had pretty good wind resistance too, but not the stability.

Dual operator option is another strong point of the Inspire. You will wish you had it with the P4.

I wonder about the object aviodance of the P4. I saw one on eBay last week that was being sold because the guy crashed it into a light pole. Apparently the object wasn't big enough to be 'seen' by the sensors. That makes me wonder about trees, fences, etc.

My inital thoughts are that if you have an X5 to use on your Osmo, you will be sadly dissapointed if you can't put it up in the air...................
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Thanks for the detailed reply, Aeromirage. You've made it harder for us hahaha. I talked it over with the girlfriend and she seems to really be stressing portability and ease of use. I read a message on another forum that someone said they have owned both and that getting the phantom in the air vs the I1 was 30 seconds vs 5 minutes. Maybe you're just faster than them
We did discuss that using the Phantom as a learner might be an advantage and that if we really wanted to upgrade, we could next year. Probably would be an I2 out then anyway?
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