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FAA Section 333 Petitions - South Beach Miami no fly
541 2 2016-5-20
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Good Afternoon everyone.

last night I went with a friend of mine to do some Ariel shots for some rapper near a night club in south beach Miami FL.

when we arrived , I just wanted to inform the police officer in the area about what am going to do keep in mind , it was too early , so no people around at all and of course I wouldn't fly it over crowded people.

he said in friendly way , if I see this thing flying am going to take it and you to the station , I have clear orders , South Beach Miami is no drone flying zone as per Miami Dade county , I said well I have never heard about this rule as well as we are not close to any airport within 5 miles , he said true but this is Miami Dade county rules, you need to seek a permission ( license) from them to be able to fly in south beach.

after spending the whole morning and afternoon looking online for any information's , I couldn't find any.

so dose anyone have any idea if the FAA section 333 petitions will help in this case ? as I heard it may take up to 120 days to get approved !! which is stupid .

any advice or suggestions ??

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There was a motorcycle Miami cop over at another forum who said people fly drones in Miami ALL the time.

You should call City Hall and ask.    Cops are wrong a lot more than should be.
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The problem here is local ordinance. It has nothing to do with the FAA.

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