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DJI Upgrade to success or fail ???
1282 4 2016-5-21
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United Kingdom

Once again my inspire is telling me it needs to upgrade. after the last upgrade i had to have my transmitter replaced by Heliguy in the UK (lucky it was still under warrante) as the upgrade bricked the transmitter.

So i am now happily running on version but it wants an upgrade again.

Having read the threads on this there seems to be an issue on the latest upgrade with RC link failure..... something i really want to avoid.

So here is the question

What is the success /failure of the latest firmware, is the RC link failure caused by the wrong upgrade proceedure or is there an issue ??

Will my iInspire quite happly fly on firmware or will it eventually insist i upgrade to the latest firmware and take the gamble the same as everyone else.

I am in the opinion that if its not broken dont fix it.

I have been through this proceedure before and it grounded me for the best part of a month and i do not want to repeate it.

Any advice or feedback on the latest firmware and upgrading (if that is what it really is) would be appreciated.

I have looked at the release notes on and it does not seem to offer me anything that i would class as a benefit so can i just live with the warning triangle and upgrade message each time i start up the inspire 1 or is it a ticking bomb.

I look forward to any feedback.


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United States

    Gary , I think that 95% of the failures is from not properly uploading the firmware.  I think the Instructions should have better explanations  AND  One large problem is that no one reads the Instuctions and just "Wings" it, not realizing that they can damage their equipment.

My opinion is if you fly quite a bit and are active with the hobby that you should update.  You bought an expensive piece of gear that should be maintained.  On the other hand if you only fly once in a while then you should stay put.  

If you follow the directions , you will have no problem updating, Use my tips sheet as a  tip sheet as well.

good luck - donnie

If you ever need help and cant find the answer here , e mail me , I will do my best to help.


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United Kingdom

Many thanks for the fast reply, all valid points and the tips sheet is excellent, why is itthat DJI cant seem to do this, its hurting thier reputation.

I will use you sheet and post back latter how i got on.

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United States
Offline Posted at 2016-5-21 09:12
Many thanks for the fast reply, all valid points and the tips sheet is excellent, why is itthat DJI  ...

If you need any help and cant find the answer here, before you do anything hasty, contact me

I do not know everything , but I will do me best

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United Kingdom

OK I have now completed a firmware upgrade on the Inspire 1 and will detail down the route i took.

Firstly i was upgrading from and there are a few things to not.

The firmware upgrade on the aircraft is done from the micro SD card.
The firmware upgrade for the transmitter is done via The Go App and NOT the micro SD card.

This is important, also ignore what the Go App says when you turn it on, if i had updated the transmitter following the Go app i would have been in a load of trouble.

These are the steps i took.


1. Download the firmware update from the DJI Website, extract the zip file to get the .BIN file.
2. format the micro SD card in the inspire 1 (i did it via the go app as i know this works)
3. Copy the firmware .BIN file onto the micro SD card and put it onto the root of the card.
4. Take the inspire 1 out of transport mode and fit the camera gimbal
5. Make sure your transmitter(s) and flight batteries are at least 75% chaged to be on the safe side.
6. Make sure your DJI GO App is up to date, the current version is 2.8.1
6.. TURN OFF EVERYTHING.... AIRCRAFT, TRANSMITTER and GO APP, this is the best place to start to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Inspire 1 firmware upgrade

1. Insert the micro SD card into the slot in the camera
2. Make sure your transmitter is turned off.
3. Power up the Inspire 1
This will now go through its start up proceedure, it will sart to bleep with 4 short tones and then a pause so dddd - dddd - dddd -dddd and so on. This is letting you know thet the firmware upgrade has started.
IMportant..... be patient it takes time, in my case it took around 15 mins to do the firmware upgrade, do not be tempted to power it off, the light at the back of the inspire will flash in various colours and patterns
but ignore it.
Wait for the tone out of the inspire to change to one long beep and two short so d-dd  d-dd d-dd and so on, this is letting you know that the Inspire 1 firmware upgrade is completed.

4. power down the Inspire 1 and take out the micro SD cardand put it into your computer, on this card you will find a .txt file, open this and confirm that the firmware upgrade has been sucessful.
5. do not remove the firmware .BIN file off the micro SD card, you will need this latter to upgrade the firmware in the batteries. Better to do it now than in the field.
6. Reinsert the micro SD card in the Inspire 1 but do not power it up at the moment.

Thats the Inspire 1 upgraded.

Transmitter upgrade.

This is done from the DJI Go app.

1.turn on the transmitter and connect it to the ipad.
2. Run up the Go App and connect it to camera view.
3. Press the status bar next to the DJI logo in the top left, it will say aircraft disconnected.
4. You will see a red triangle with transmitter firmware needs updating. This is done via the internet so make sure you have a good wifi connection to the internet to do this.
5. Follow the prompts to do the firmware update, again be patient, you will know when it has updated the firmware on the transmitter as it will tell you and you will see a green tick on the screen.
6. Power down the transmitter, asnd back up again, power up the Inspire 1 and then the Go APP.
7. In the Go App press the general settings button (top right of the screen 3 dots.
8. Go to the bottom of this screen and press about., this should now show you that the aircraft and camera is on version and the transmitter is on 1.6.0, this is the case on my setup.


Yep these need doing as well but you have already done one on the initial firmware upgrade of the Inspire 1.
Any additional batteries will need to be upgraded but this is straight forward if you have followed the above proceedure.
As you still have the firmware .BIN file on the micro SD card that is in the camera gimbal you have the files you need to do this, now you see why it was left on there.

1. Unplug the battery in the Inspire 1 that you used to do the firmware upgrade.
2. plug in a battery that needs to be upgraded (at least 50% power)
3. Turn on the Inspire 1
4. The inspire 1 will go into the firmware upgrade process again but this time it will only update the battery firmware as that is detected. This is a lot faster than before and only took me a few minutes but best to do it in a workshop and not the field.
5. Follow the bleep tones as before for the Inspire 1 firmware update, again be patient, its so worth it in the long run.
6. Once the firmware update has been done power down the Inspire 1 and repeat for all of you batteries.

Ok thats the firmware upgrade done in the Inspire 1, camera, batteries and transmitter but you are not quite done yet. The final step is important.

RECALIBRATE THE IMU, GIMBAL AND TRANSMITTER before flying, this is good practice after every firmware update.
On your first flight after a Firmware update make sure that all functions and controls work as expected and that includes landing gear and returnto home.

I hope this information helps and i would also like to thank Donnie for his help in putting me on the right path for the firmware upgrades.
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