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Complaints About Bad Video
673 0 2016-6-5
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Flight distance : 922 ft
United States

I continue to see posts about the quality of the camera on the P3P - especially so with videos uploaded to YouTube.

Here is a 1.5 GB video I took yesterday - in winds at 20 mph - gusting to 24 mph.  The link takes you to the file location.  You then have to download the file.  The only file there is ENMU-Test.mp4 .   

Again - it's 1.5 GB so it may take a bit.  However, if you decide to download and watch that video - then the same video on YouTube [link below] - the difference in quality is pretty clear.

Also bear in mind that the winds measured 20-24 mph at ground level.  Pay attention to how stable the video is at 450 feet altitude - where winds were gusting higher.  Impressive stability.

See attached Breezy.jpg.  Admittedly, my flying was a little less stable than I like, but fighting the wind was a little tricky.

Forgot to mention:
iOS 9.3.2
Go App 2.8.3
A/C 1.8.80
R/C 1.6.0

Then here is that same video on YouTube.  Pay attention to the loss of details between the two.

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