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Odd Camera Recording Behavior
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Phantom 3 Standard - The image shows the dates all funky. Keep in mind, I have done and or changed nothing. All of the "12/31/09" dates were recorded on 6/9/2016. Thoughts?
Oddity #2, the SD card, (the one it came with) being used and working fine, screen comes up "SD card missing"...Bring home and of course the card is still there. So I restart everything and the card is registering as being installed. Get this though...I just looked at these files and the recording never stopped. Flawless recording of the flight, up to and including when signal was lost.
BUT! Healthy drones recorded some funky stuff as well...Partial flights. No take off recorded, no RTH; just A to B and nothing more. Not sure where the info comes from but I pressume it is the bird itself. See the links: ... _id=GENERALOverview ... _id=GENERALOverview ... _id=GENERALOverview ... _id=GENERALOverview

And then other HD reports were fine...Can anyone suggest what I might do about this?

Screenshot (178).png
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Flight distance : 72867 ft

Not sure about the date thing, could be something going on with the gimbal.  Which would explain the odd logs as well if something got screwy.  Try formatting the SD card in the bird and trying again.
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