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Diagnostic log file missing from microSD after card format
541 2 2016-6-14
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Phantom 3 4K -

I had formatted the microSD card using the DJI GO app tool since the  last firmware update. After several flight sessions, I no longer see a  diagnostic log file in the (hidden) MISC directory. Only  P3XW_CAM_VERSION and wifi.conf files are written to the card in the aircraft once  it's powered on after a microSD card format.

Sample content copied from another post:
[00013226]========== remo-con disconnect. boot(15) ============
  [00013288]Packet [C:\P3S_FW_V01.09.0060.bin] detected, card sn [0x285596ef].
  [00013352]Packet upgrade start...

  [00013410]Packet checking...
  [00013467]Packet vlink 01.09.0060 <-> 01.08.0080.
  [00013519]Record vlink 01.09.0060 <-> 01.08.0080 (flow = 0).

  [00013633]Version checking[1]...
  [00013714][03 05][00] v34.2.0.9 -> v34.2.0.9
  [00013813][03 06][00] v2.4.20.18 -> v2.4.20.18

Do you know of a way to get the diagnostic file to be created so I can review the health of the aircraft? Would creating an empty file with the correct file name in the appropriate folder trigger diagnostic data to be written to it?

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After the format, did you put back a copy of the .bin file you used for that last update in the root directory?  
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The hidden log file is for registering the data after a firmware update.
The app controls everything, if you want to monitor the health of the aircraft just look for any errors that come up in the app.
And you can monitor the battery from the battery page and the IMU and compass from those pages in the app.
You don't need any data from the hidden log.
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