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This will be the 3rd Phantom I have gone through.  I got the standard originally, but there was a loud squeak when I flew it, I took it back to Bestbuy, the next one had the same thing.  Returned and upgraded to the P3 4K.  Now I have a new problem, the video is super laggy...but only in town or near wifi connections.  I disabled caching, using airplane mode, etc...  The drone flies like it should until it gets near a house with wifi then it loses all connection.  I asked tech.  support on the chat for this site, and they said towns have electromagetic interference, don't fly in town... so what is the point of having this drone?!  I was using it to get video and I cannot fly it past 100 feet either up or from me before losing signal (no it's not in beginner mode)jsut lost completely!  Everything is updated (firmware and my S7).  I am about to return this drone and get my money back, it is very frustrating.  The standards did not have this issue but this Phantom 3 4K does?!

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Hello verticalisland1, it is recommended to fly in some open fields instead of towns and cities. See it here:
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' The standards did not have this issue but this Phantom 3 4K does?!'

Actually all radio control aircraft have this problem, because they all share the same band of frequencies that is allocated to non-essential communications. The FCC, and whatever spectrum control authority may exist in other countries, gave this band to use on the simple basis that if one device was interferring with another, then just suck it up and deal with it. In other words, there is no avenue to complain about being interferred with by other users.

So you can't fly in town because of local WiFi interferrence? Then get out of town and find a place where is is quiet radio-wise.
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