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New P4; Update Firmware Or Not?
641 2 2016-6-24
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Thought I'd ask the pros..I finally had it with the range issues with my P3S and many here say that it's due to the newest firmware update. I've ordered a P4 and it will be here next week. My question is should let it update before the first flight or hold off? Depending what version it comes with, is there a version that I should stay with or just update in anyway?
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I am still using the original firmware when I purchased mine in May.  I also had to downgrade my app from 2.8.2 to 2.8.1

I had prior bad experiences with 2 P3's after I performed the firmware upgrades when I took them out of the box!

My lessons learned so far are:
If it works, don't upgrade, especially when I still see some issues being reported by users who have upgraded to the latest firmware/app.
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Most definitely do your updates. I have a P4 which is a great machine. I always do my updates and I have had no issues at all. The updates are for your benefit.
Let me add this. Your updates on the P4 are much different than your P3. The P4 is a very simple process. You don't have to touch your SD card at all. Keep track of the cables that come with your new P4 you will need them to do the updates. The "Assistant" takes a little patience to get use to. It is plug and play. When you get to the window where it shows the Phantom being connected to your computer have your on when you connect the cable. Plug and Play.
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