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What video editing software?
1103 4 2016-6-25
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United Kingdom

Hi. New to this, any advise on what video editing software to get, buy or free ones. What are you guys using?

Many thanks

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I've been using Viosk quick video maker . It's extremely easy-to-use video editing software with lots of options. This tool allows me to make my videos perfect just in a few minutes.
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First Officer


If your using Windows 10 you can download from Microsoft for free the Windows movie maker. Fairly easy and can add sounds and edit. Works for a lot of users I know. For free works great
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I've been using this Movavi Screen Capture & Video Editor Suite now for over a year to capture tennis videos I want to grab from YouTube & other sites. With the included video editor, I'm able to seamlessly edit those videos very easily. The software is fairly easy to use for novice video editors like me & the price provides great value. I also like using the screen capture software when I want to provide instructional commentary on videos that I have captured in the past. It allows me to hook up an external microphone & it has visible cursor options that allow me to emphasize anything I want to take notice of in a video. I've also edited hundreds of hours of live tennis matches I've recorded in the video editor software. It really helps to a have laptop/desktop that has the graphic card memory & system memory to handle video editing of HD videos.
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United States

I use corel video studio.  It isn't free, but it isn't really expensive either... like 70 bucks or something.  I tried to use some of the free software, but believe it or not, the more you spend the easier it gets.  You would think that more money would equal more complexity, but in reality it equals more automation which is less complex.  I particularly love the auto-sound feature that allows you to adapt different genres of canned music to your track.  You can get a surprising variety of different music by picking through filters.  When you find one you like, hit a button and a sound track with an adjustable fade in and out pops into reality, and its the perfect length for your video.  

There are lots of transitions that are as simple as dragging and dropping them between clips. You can do fast or slow motion just by dragging your clips longer or shorter. You can do time lapse stuff too.  Once you have a good grip on the basics, you can get as in depth and picky as you want... You could get pro results from this software.   Whatever you choose, watch youtube videos on them.  The instructions are designed to confuse regular people.
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