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Is lightbridge 2 been release to soon? dual operator issues with A2
806 0 2016-7-3
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I really hope that its me thats overlooking something, else i currently have 2 useless drones (S900 and S1000) with a Zenmuse Z15 BMPCC gimbal.

Short version, i upgraded both our UAV's with Lightbridge 2, not a cheap upgrade, but i wanted the complete DJI package with the DJI remotes as well, and after installing these, i found the following issues.

1. There is not enough switches on the master remote to change the IOC mode
2. I cannot seem to map any of the slave remotes channels at all inside the A2 Assistant software, i can controll the gimbal movement just fine and see the picture, but i cannot map channges such as record, shutter, and gimbal mode.

These above issues leaves me now with 2 unusuable UAV's and i allready sold the old futaba remotes to fund the upgrade.

And yes, all components has been upgraded to the latest firmware.

How did you guys solved this issue with your dual operator setup and Lightbridge 2? I really dont want to invest in 2x A3 as well.

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