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Image transmission X3 ~ X5
463 1 2016-7-11
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Yesterday I was A/B comparing the X3 to the X5. I flew one battery on the X3 and shot some video. All went well.
Landed, changed battery and put the X5 on. Shot video, flew the battery to 30%, all well.
Landed, changed battery, remounted X3, launched. Immediately I noticed the video feed freezing, (Still frames), and terrible latency. It went to partial frame with black on the bottom half of screen, then black area turned green. Still freeze frame. I landed and shut down. Before powering off, I verified that the cooling fan was running in camera. When I removed X3 it did not feel hot, only slightly warm. I then remounted the X5 and took off. All normal. No freeze framing, normal slight latency.
My question is: do the cameras both have the same video transmittal circuitry? Is it 'normal' for the X3 to freeze frame? As I remember, it did it once or twice before with another X3 that I had before I got the X5.
For several months I have used the X5 only, as I sold my X3 when I got the X5. I have since picked up another X3 because I have situations where I need the wide angle it offers. This X3 was brand new when I got it a few weeks ago and I have only flown it maybe 3-5 times. Never had a rough landing or any other shock.

I wish I shot some video while it was lagging to see if it recorded the same images, or if what I was seeing was appearing on the monitor only. But, I didn't. Anytime that anything is not 100%, I land immeadiatley. I was only off the ground for 20-30 seconds and only ascended to about 30 feet before returning.
I was out in a rural area with little probable sources of interference. 17 satellites on RC.
The fact that the X5 performed flawlessly immediately after rules out any problem with the RC, Ipad, and even the aircraft, I would believe......

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Without seeing it directly, your narrative would indicate an issue with the electrical connection of the X3 with the Inspire.
Assuming you have checked / cleaned the X3's contacts?

The cameras won't have any circuitry for transmission, the Inspire handles that end.
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