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Special Sauce (AKA, Trapezoid Dividers) make ThinkTank Case MUCH ...
467 0 2016-7-12
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Got the Thinktank Inspire case.  Was not happy since there are 3 main dividers that fit on each side of the main cross bar. As you notice, the bar is angled back!  2 of the dividers were Trapezoid shaped (and while snug, I could fit them in the case), but 2 were rectangular.  After some moaning and sending pictures to ThinkTank support, I got 2 new Trapezoid dividers, color me happy now.

I like the ThinkTank Case because:
·      It has a handle on the top and the side of the case.  Easier to carry
·      It can turn into a back pack really easy (so nice when long trip to take off area)
·      I Can carry everything the DJI case can plus Laptop, IPad, full frame camera, extra lens, a few changes of underwear and most anything else you need.
·      Lots of compartments on inside and big outside pocket.  You can organize stuff
·      Tall enough so the divided areas can be 2 levels.  I put 2 batteries lying down on bottom level, put “roof” over them and then heap more stuff on top

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