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Firmware update for PH3 Advanced
835 1 2016-7-17
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I have written a few posts regarding my drone/RC issues and I have continued to work on trying to resolve the issue myself by reading the tutorials provided by DJI but nothing is working.
WHat I have done so far is format the SD card which erased all the data on the card and I also deleted the DJI GO app and turned off my iPAD. Next I uploaded the latest firmware version and I unzipped it and saved it to my archeive as the tutorial instructed. Once that was completed I inserted the formatted SD card into my drone, I turned on my iPAD and uploaded the DJI GO app... once the app was uploaded I installed the battery into my drone and turned it on.
The drone began updating and after a few minutes the light turn a solid green so I turned the drone off and back on again and I checked the card to make sure it updated correctly which said SUCCESSFUL. After that I turned on my RC, plugged in my iPAD and openned the DJI GO app. The screen was showing whatever the camera was pointing at so it looked like the drone and the RC were now linked BUT I noticed I now had a firmware update notice for the RC so I clicked on the message and it says to connect my RC with a USB and logg into a DJI site.... I noticed however that the site was for the Inspire-1 (as shown in picture below) so naturally I think maybe I somehow uploaded the wrong zip file so I formatted the SD card again and repeated alll the steps again and after drone linked to the RC I got the same messsage.
What is going on?
Two weeks ago my drone was working perfectly then suddenly my drone stopped linking to the RC... I was still able to move the camera with the RC and I was even able to turn the drone on but I just couldn't get any picture/video feed. Now that I have updated the firmware as instructed by DJI tutorial I can SOMETIMES get the picture/video but I CANNOT turn on the motors and I have no way of properly updating the RC....please help!!
These are a few pictures
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Hello FishinTexas2015, according to the first pic which requires 1.3.2 RC updating, I'd suggest you to download the 1.3.2 package from our website and extract the bin file to an empty usb drive (FAT32 file system). Then use this USB flash drive to update the RC. After 1.3.2 RC fw updated successfully, then you'll need to update the RC to the latest firmware via DJI Go app. usb升级RC.JPG
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