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Gimbal overload warning in app
725 1 2016-7-18
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Crashed the inspire and the cap prtoecting the gimbal motor got smashed in  and i managed to remove it and re-install it properly buy still got gimbal motor overload in app waring-- the gimbal would work for about 10 seconds then shut off for cooling so the entire camera would not burn up  the gimbal motor got really hot!!! so i sent the camera and gimbal to DJO california head quarts within a week i got an email estimate of 155 which was even cheaper than the 250 it would cost to get a damaged camera/giombal on ebay not even know if that ionvestment would yield a part to fix the app waringin of gimbal over laod much less know how to fix it if I even had the part-- so DJ fixed it for 155 including parts are service costs!! very good deal   i have hear rumors baout long wait times-- not for me   fixed in a matter of days!!!  very cool and the gimbal runs cool as well
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Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that you're up and running again.

Happy flying!
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