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An Editorial: Let's Help DJI Be A Better Company
1244 2 2015-1-25
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I am sharing the below Editorial commentary written by Andy Pargh who is a member of the Aerial Photography Group on Facebook that I am an Admin of along with Tim Samanchi. Andy shared it within our Group and is reaching out to get the attention of DJI. In experiencing first hand many of the issues Andy mentions in his commentary I am supporting his efforts which are fair requests to DJI. If you have or are having problems with your DJI Insprire 1 please continue to read on. Andy states in his opening statement "If you don't like opinionated pieces, simply don't read further". In my opinion his Editorial commentary is certainly worth reading, the choice is yours. With luck this post will catch the attention of DJI's Management Team. To all members of this Forum that read Andy's Editorial commentary below feel free to share your personal experiences in purchasing DJI products in comments below.

Below is Andy Pargh's Editorial commentary:
The following is an Editorial commentary regarding DJI. If you don't like opinionated pieces, simply don't read further. We all have the right to an opinion and I'm just taking a few moments to exercise mine. I'll add, that I'm posting this in select FB group areas (I contacted the Mod on this site prior to posting this letter) and I'll apologize in advance if this appears as duplicate posts in your feed. With that said, here goes:

We've learned learned a lot by being customers of DJI. I use the word "customers" loosely as that word denotes a two-sided method of treatment. So, maybe the term "buyers of DJI products" is more suitable.

I've only been flying copters for a year or so, but I have a long history in reviewing consumer products. Yeah, really. I've been called the Godfather of the modern tech blog by some and while I don't know if I truly believe that designation, let's roll with it and just say I've been around the block a few times when it comes to evaluating new products and services...mostly in the tech arena.

I'm also one of those flyers who prefers using the term "copter" as the media has made the word "drone" a four letter word in our society. My reasoning? The masses look at drones as Military devices that carry weapons, are used as surveillance tools or those that incorporate sophisticated mapping technologies to navigate foreign countries. While a few of DJI's copters use Ground Control, it's a far stretch than what I hope we would find in a true Military drone.

I'll attempt to sum up my thoughts in a single paragraph:

DJI, please stop releasing products that are not ready for prime time. Yes, it's nice to be the first to market, but it's better to be the best in class. If you don't believe me, just look at Apple as it could be a perfect case study for your future product entries. And trust me, Apple doesn't always get it right, but they sure are beating the pants off other companies when it comes to product quality and customer service and support.

What sparked me to share my thoughts is that I'm getting very tired of being a DJI customer and being the equivalent of a test dummy for its products. Yes, I like DJI products, but let's face it, they are rushing copters out of the factory before proper testing and are using its paying customer base as beta users.

I've gotten to the point where I have decided that when it comes to my copters, if it ain't broke, I don't attempt to fix it as it seems that while every firmware upgrade may deliver a fix or two, it opens the door for yet another bug. Yes, I enjoy flying and aerial photography. I'm not attempting to make a commercial business out of it and I'm happy to stay on the recreational side of things as I find it challenging and it keeps my brain from going to mush during my early retirement years. It pains me that while on one hand, it's good for DJI to deliver forced upgrades on its copters, I sure wish they would properly test the upgrades before forcing us to accept them.

To the fine folks at DJI, if you are reading this, please understand that we are people...real people. People with families, people with Dogs, people who work hard for our money to hand over to you for copters that may or may not be ready for consumer usage. We don't want to be involved in accidents involving devices with spinning blades that could harm others. We simply want copters that do exactly what's promoted.

I'll add one more note to DJI:

When you come to the realization that a promised feature does not work as designed and promoted, just removing that feature from your website is not the cure. Having people we can communicate with in our native language (not yours) would be a much better way to go.
Yes, DJI, you're becoming a worldwide company and you are growing at light speed. But please understand that being first does not make you the best. If you don't get your act together soon, your most loyal fans and "customers" will jump at the opportunity to hand our money to other companies that will soon be occupying your space in the marketplace.

If you treat us respectfully, we will do the same for you.

Rant Over. Feel free to like this opinion, share it, delete it or to simply flame me. After all, it's just my opinion.

^^ End of Any Pargh's Editorial commentary ^^

If you are still reading and serious about Aerial Photography and Aerial Cinematography you are more than welcome to join our Group. It is a great place to share your work as well as pickup and share tips and techniques. Here is the link:

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Theo ter Haar
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Wow, quite a story but never the less very true as well!
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Yes, pretty words but the reality is that for every one unsatisfied owner, there are 3 new people keen to part with their cash for new toys - such is the power of the marketing hype machine. DJI operates at a scale where individual customers just don't matter.

If you really want DJI to get a message - then open grumbles and forum rants are not the answer. (The DJI guys aren't event posting or responding here anymore, they are over on RC groups.) You need to think a bit creatively and target your communications at the spot where you are more likely to have an effect.

The most sensitive segment of the value chain is the Retailer, however most won't be selling enough of these to feel the pressure of unhappy customers and will fob you off with excuses - The next step up are the distributors, these are the people to whom consumer law has the biggest effect and who have the most to lose from a groundswell of dissatisfaction. For those of you who wish to 'send the message', find out who your DJI distributor is and get in touch with them.

Many countries have extensive consumer law protections and you can raise these issues with the Distributors directly as they have the liability and accountability for compliance. When enough complaints roll in, the messages will start reaching the people in China who actually make the decisions.

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