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A3 - not arming or motor test
2888 3 2016-7-21
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Sent this to DJI support, looking to see if anyone else if having this issue?

---->Link to video showing issue <----

As you will see in the video all is set up correctly, the A3 just doesn’t want to control the ESC/Motors via the “test motors” or arm thru the Futaba. I have set up dozens of Wookong’s and A2’s - I must have gotten a lemon A3, should not be this difficult?

Tested with KDE 5215 430 KV motors / KDE 95 ESC's & Tiger U7 490 KV / Tiger 80 ESC's - both drones do not arm or activate motor test - they do have signal since they do not beep contuniously after boot up.

The software did crash a number of times on the firmware update due to a faulty DJI supplied USB, maybe something got corrupted because weird things happened like:

- Bad USB cable:
would hang or fail with both firmwares available
would hand or fail at 98%

- Once I figured out the USB cable issue it updated to the latest firmware 1.3 BUT...
every once in a while on boot up, got errors stating either compass or IUM was disconnected and to redo - i’d replug it in an all is good but happened a few time which is unsettling.

Thanks, Jason
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I run KDE 4014 motors with KDE 55a esc's and I am able to do motor tests and get them to arm, but then they will not shut down unless I take the throttle to mid point then back down.
And changing the the idle speed in the assistant does nothing.
There seems to be a problem with non-DJI motor/esc combos and the A3.
Anyone else?
Cheers, Craig
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I am using DJI E800 motors and can't get to run in the test. Motors are connected to power (LEDs of Motors are on, 3 green in the back of the Hexa+ configuration, 3 red in the front). The PWM cables are connected with the orange signal wire to the bottom of A3.

What is going on? How to fix that?
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Offline Posted at 2016-9-25 21:50
I am using DJI E800 motors and can't get to run in the test. Motors are connected to power (LEDs of  ...

Could you happen to provide a picture of your set up to get a better idea of how the A3 is connected?
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