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another battery issue
623 1 2016-8-4
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Fred D
Second Officer
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Hi all
Well up unit now I have not had any real problems I couldn't solve with  info found here. Thank you to everybody who shares thier knowlage with  the rest of us. your help is fantastic.
   So i'm here asking for any help I can get with a battery issue I can't  find any info on. It's probably here, I just can't find it.
I have four TB47's up till now they have functioned properly. The last  one I bought (July 2015) has developed a problem. All of them were  stored @ 65% for 2 weeks, the longest they have ever been stored. When I  went to recharge them for a flight, my #4 (newest) battery would not  turn on or activate when the charger was connected (battery off) so with  the charger hooked up & turned ON, I tried to turn on the battery.  That's when the #2 LED started flashing steady, not two times a second,  not three times a second as the manual states, but STEADY with no  pauses. (2 blinks per sec. = over current detected,  3 blinks per sec. =  short circuit detected). So then I go to turn it off and no way, no  responce so I turned off the charger and dsconnected it, then I tried to  turn the battery off again. This time the #2 LED stops blinking and the  #1 LED starts blinking rapidly. I tried to turn the battery off and  nothing, no responce the #1 LED keeps right on a blinking. So I pop the  top off (no I don't plan to send it back for warrenty) and disconnect  the plug wait a couple hours and plug it back in. Right away the #1 LED  starts blinking again reg. speed, not rapidly this time. So I hooked the  charger again and try to turn on the battery (TA DA) the #2 LED goes  back to blinking "STEADY" so I tried to power the I1 with it but the #1  LED started flashing again and the battery is unresponsive to any input  commands, so I popped the top & plug again and that's where it sits  now.
Anyone have any ideas?

Inspire 1 v1             FW
RC                                 1.5.70
DJI GO                           2.4.2
Battery has approximatly  30 flights, I cycle my batteries down to 5%  hovering then leave them in the bird ON until the I1 shuts off, wait  2hrs min. then recharge to 100% after every 10 to 12 fights.  I will  always "TOP UP" my batteries within an hour of take off.
There has been no hard landings or crashes, everything has been working without issue.
I would like to figure this out and maybe recover this battery, I have already ordered the replacement.
If I can provide any other info let me know.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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United States

Could you happen to provide a small video of the issue?
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