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RTH worked 2-day
562 1 2016-8-14
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Flight distance : 2661 ft

Hello  everyone, kinda had a statefarm commercial day and thanks to the RTH feature on my P3A I was able to fly another day. To make a long story short just the day before I flew same place an got my P3A 3,443 feet no problem. This morning took the P3A same place and decided to push the envelope an go a littel further got about 1400 feet with 16 satelites an got complete signal lost. This reminds me of statefarm, this cant be happening, ol its happening sweetheart (lol). Screen on tablet froze , then it asked me if i wanted to return to home excitedly i pressed the button on screen, I looked at the distance, an sure enough the P3A was on its way back. I took control shortly after my tablet screen  got un froze. An by the way i highly congested area. Thanks DJI . Hope this dont happen to any of you pilots, but if does stay focused an dont panic. Ok im out said what i had to say now gonna change my shorts lol
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United States

I have those type of days too, lol!
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