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DUAL RATE settings as a feature for DJI.
435 0 2016-8-17
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United States

Will DJI support Dual Rate transmitters. "Mode one" could be flight mode, "mode 02" could be cinema mode. Something this is very useful when you need to pilot and operate camera.

"Dual rate allows the pilot to create a second maximum setting.  Most pilots keep one setting at the default 100%, and add a second  setting somewhat lower. (toggle radio swith) For example, if the second setting in the dual  rate mode was set to 60%, then when the stick was  moved to its full position, the input would have only output 60% as  maximum.

Not to get confused with DJI's Expos and Gains...
Here is more explaination if you are intrested in this feature for future DJI products.

Thanks for checking it out.

Use props
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