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Decision time..... NEW "IMPROVED" Firmware updates
992 1 2015-1-28
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United Kingdom

Update or not?
What are the real benefits of this update?
What will be missing out on if we don't update?

Snippet of the BBC news tonight.

"But the Shenzhen-based firm said it would tell customers that the update was "mandatory", making it impossible for them to add other future features if the firmware was not already in place.

"With the unmanned aerial systems community growing on a daily basis, we feel it is important to provide pilots with additional tools to help them fly safely and responsibly," said Michael Perry, a DJI spokesman.

"We will continue co-operating with regulators and lawmakers to ensure the skies stay safe and open for innovation."

He added that the firm had already intended to expand the kit's no fly zone system - which works by checking a drone's GPS location data to ensure it is not taking off from or flying into a restricted area, such as an airport runway.

But he told the BBC that the safety features were being "pushed out a bit earlier" than originally planned following the recent incidents."
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United States

Same as other software\hardware updates.... It's up to the user, but....
sorry you aren't supported unless you upgrade to the latest firmware.
Vision app doesn't work? you need to upgrade the the latest firmware.
link a new controller....

you get the idea. me, I ran windows NT wayyyyyyyyy longer than anyone at the MicroS place liked.
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