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There Is A Fix for the RE Binding Issue
903 1 2016-8-27
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Maybe I got lucky........I've posted this response in other threads.  

I had this problem with my Phantom 2 Vision, I bought it used and it came with an RE700 instead of an RE500.  I spoke with DJI several times, wasn't sure what to do, but finally I got an answer, guess I spoke with the right person.  I explained the Phantom worked perfectly until I updated the IOS Vision app, and it forced the RE firmware upgrade down.  After I applied it to the Phantom, the 5.8G stuff still worked, but the 2.4G stopped working.   i couldn't bind the RE700 to the camera.  Like a jerk I bought a new RE700 on EBay thinking that an untouched one would bind.  Nope, didn't do it.   I could ping both the camera and the RE before I went through the binding procedure.....they both showed as WIFI connections on my IPhone 6s.  So after explaining all this to tech support, they told me to send the whole thing in.  It took 3 weeks, but I received an email saying it was repaired and coming back.  Now I sent them a Phantom Vision, and they sent me a Phantom Vision Plus back.  Everything worked, they told me they didn't have parts for the Phantom Vision, so they had to slap a Vision Plus camera on mine.  I also own a P3, and was very pleased that I got the Vision Plus camera both my Phantoms don't have the jitters in their videos!   The biggest surprise was they paid for shipping from Connecticut to Washington state and there was no charge for the repair.  So, whoever reads this, don't give up hope.   Their service is very good, it just took time to get this done.  That firmware upgrade obviously did more than mess up the RE.   The camera was also affected............
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Had the same issue with the RE Upgrade. iOS app forced the upgrade on my RE500 and presto! No more FPV. However, I sent in my Drone, Tx, and RE, and there is now a package on the way back to me, with my status marked as fixed. I read in another thread a person got a P3S after sending in their P2V, so here is to hoping I get a better unit.....or at the very least my original unit fully and properly repaired.
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