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I have recently been offered a phantom 2 vision and have been flying it in GPS by default.
I would like to fly in ATTI but I am getting quite confused on how to set up the S1 switch, in phantom mode or Naza.

I have been told that in phantom mode the S1 only allows for GPS. ATTI I needs to configure in the assistant software in Naza M. But I have also been told that by defauld in phantom mode the S1 upper position is for GPS and middle position is for ATTI.

All very confusing so I would really appreciate some clarification.
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In the NAZA assistant is where you enable everything.
Watch the switch positions and the ticks in the assistant and you will understand what switch positions are for what.Also, be very careful in ATTI mode as you have to fly the aircraft and the GPS will not hold it's position.
It very good to learn because one day you will need to know how to fly in ATTI mode.
Practce it a lot, and learn in a large open field and if it's windy even better.
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United Kingdom

Hi Ammfreitas.

I was in the same position a couple of months or so ago. I went on to Utube and entered "DJI Phantom 2 vision plus naza mode" and loads of videos came up explaining how to do it, the switich positions and what each switch position does. Learning it this way was very easy as opposed to reading about it. I'm now on Naza mode and having great fun using all the different settings as required in each flight.

Hope it helps.
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Hi ammfreitas, It's like the guys are saying, and there are some good videos on Youtube which will show you how to set up the Phantom and the RC settings as well as what the switches can enable you to do. I have just started this journey and am finding it ok up to now, and if I find myself getting out of my depth I just go back to the GPS setting and take a deep breath. Good luck my fellow Phantom flyer.  Best regards Ian.
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Fly and be safe, just remember with the atti mode she will drift with the wind. Keep clear of close objects and have fun.
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