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Ronin & Ronin MX Update problems !
1056 1 2016-9-16
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I used Ronin for 1 year and there was no problem after NEW update

  • Ronin Assistant Software v2.4

  • Ronin Firmware IMU v3.1

  • Ronin Firmware GCU v1.3

Ronin stop work correctly.

*remote control stop work

*auto balance stop work

*thumb controller stop work

* Pan drift Start work

* Android App stop work

I bought New RONIN MX

      ( After unbox )

I spend 1 hour to Activate motors becouse app show option ( Activate ) really random. So i do update ...

NEW Ronin Mx

  • Ronin-MX Assistant Software v2.4

  • Ronin-MX Firmware IMU v2.1

  • Ronin-MX Firmware GCU v1.2

* Ronin Always drift on roll, when pan axis move on any side.

* App ( Android not work correctly )

* autobalance not work correctly

* *remote control not work

I have a simple question? I lost so much money on your equipment and nothing works.
Dji u got so many topics with the same problem but from 2016.07.21 and  2016-07-26 your damaged future updates are still online on page
and no one fixed it ?

how can you call it " PRO SYSTEM " if anyone of you does not repair serious problems ?

Edit : sorry for my english  Dji please don't ask me about calibration etc. i do thats all things

I do not know what I can do, and think...

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. For the issues experienced by the Ronin, are all the other accessories up to date with their latest firmware as well? For either the Ronins, did you reset everything to default via the Ronin Assistant Software on the computer? For the Ronin MX and autobalance, do you mean autotune stability?
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