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Ronin-MX with non-alpha Sony cameras
593 0 2016-9-17
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I've been wanting to use a Sony RX10 camera with the M600. To my knowledge the accessories you need for a Sony camera to work properly would be:

* DJI Remote Start/Stop (DJI RSS)
* Sony RSS cable

The Sony RSS cable, according to the DJI RSS manual, emits IR light to the camera and is only compatible with Sony Alpha cameras. This should be able to activate the shutter and start/stop the video function. There's not much more information other than that.

Since the Sony RX10 series don't have IR receivers they wouldn't work properly with the Sony RSS cable. What I've been thinking about doing is purchasing Sony RMT-VP1K which is a IR receiver that connects to the Camera USB port. For this to work, the IR sequence would need to be the same from the Sony RSS cable as from the RMT-VP1K remote.

Does anyone have information about the Sony RSS cable IR sequence?
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