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S1000+ lands automatically on windy day
1004 0 2015-1-31
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I just had a very weird experience on my new s1000+. This is the first test after fitting the new GPS PRO PLUS, wind was 28km/hr and 35/hr gust, which is on and slightly above the A2 Flight controller spec. There were 14 satellites and no LED warning sign. I powered on and after a minute, hovered around 5m high and within 15 sec, it slowly decend to 0.5 m which made me manage the throttle down to land  softly. Airport Limit was ON, but the area is beyond 3nm from nearby airport.

I powered on again and hovered 1-2m above and did a spin, no issues . I will try again tomorrow, but before i go to the field, will like to know if anything to be checked.

Use props
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