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P3P Yaw rotates on its own. Slight camera shake. Some questions also.
633 2 2016-9-28
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I have done around 50 flights and belive im on firmware 1.6 or 1.7 but my P3P rotates very slowly with no stick input.  I also am having slightly shakey video, I use polarpro nd filters so I dont really see any jello but its more of a shake/shudder of the video.

Im not sure about the rotate issue but the Camera shake I beleive may be due to unbalanced props, I can only really see the shake on my 65" tv and not on my nvidia shield tablet, am I just too obsessive over a complete stable video and its normal to have some shake?

I have done compass calibrations/rc calibration, I have another set of props but both have the same issue.

Should I update? Did DJI add more NFZ since 1.5/1.6?

I also had my Phantom 3 Pro go into atti mode due to a compass error (about 100m away from a huge crane) first I lost connection and reconnected on rth, I canceled rth and got the compass error, I immediatly switched into Attitude mode and landed, but when I went to the flight log it didnt mention the compass error, nor did drone reports. Should I be worried or was it due to the crane?(thought I was far enough away.)

I fly 90-100 m high due to the law but I fly in urban/suburban areas and I cant even get 1km distance range, granted there are trees in my back yard that could block line of sight, so is this normal? What distance do you get from an area with trees at you launch point and not thd best line of sight?

I never have been impressed with the range in urban areas, at the beach I can get 1-2km depending on the day.
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If the Phantom slowly rotates, I'd suspect the compass calibration as the most likely cause but if it still does this after calibrating in a magnetically clean site you caould also try recalibrating the IMU on a lavel surface.

At 100 metres the crane would have zero effect on your compass.
That incident sounds more like calibrating close to reinforced concrete or other steel objects and your compass giving an error when you flew away from the distorted magnetic field you calibrated in.
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi, could you please upload the original video in the SD card to dropbox and send me the link?
I'll help to check it.
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