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No signal coming from FPV setup with phantom 2 - comedy of errors
595 3 2016-10-2
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New Zealand

Hi there

Trying to set up a cheap phantom 2 h43d setup, but we are not getting any image coming through the monitor.

What we have is:

FPV RX-LCD 5802 HD 5.8Ghz 7'' 7 Inch 32CH Monitor Diversity Receiver For Quad KJ

iOSD Mini Plug and Play Cable DJI Phantom 2 Fat Shark ImmersionRC TX PNP FPV

Boscam FPV 2.0Km 2000m Range 5.8G 200mW AV Wireless TX Wireless Transmitter

we omitted the iosd purely for cost saving measures... it was a proof of concept purchase more than anything.
after wiring up the tx to p2 none of the frequencies were working, only static
*since figured that no video footage would come through the iosd bracket, so dismantled that and connected up the wires to by pass it.
*have turned the drone on, but had an immediate smoke rise from the tx

Does anybody have any success with fpv setups without iosd setup and if so could you please tell what went wrong here and how to fix it up?

Thanks in advance

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United States

I have the same setup but with the iosd mini and i got a H3-3D on it with the hero 4 gopro and im having the same problem, im getting signal but no image. If you you come across the problem can you keep me posted please thank you!
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United States

I have a post called "Bad companies" discussing DJI's response to this problem.  You should go there and chime in as I am the only one in the thread with this problem.  The rest of the people are saying I'm a jerk
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United Kingdom

plumbfreeordie@ Posted at 2016-10-22 16:11
I have a post called "Bad companies" discussing DJI's response to this problem.  You should go there ...

Well they are probably right
Also this thread is not about the Vision +, its to do with the GoPro and kit FPV setup.
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