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Amazing fast DJI repair
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Hong Kong

A few days ago I flew my drone against a tree. I underestimated how close I was and crashed into it while flying sideways. The drone fell down and unfortuantely landed on the gimbal.  
Some pieces were bent and this resulted in the horizon not being level anymore. Even after straightening it out by pressing C2 and turning the shutter wheel it slanted again when rotating the drone.  
So I decided to go DJI to get it fixed. After showing up at the DJI repair center in Shenzhen, Nanshan, it took them 10 minutes to determine what is broken and needs to be replaced. After paying the 359 RMB (around 54 USD), they replaced the bent parts within around 45 minutes. Not forgetting that it is also national holiday in China right now...

I am extremely pleased, I was worried that I'll get told to replace the whole gimbal+camera unit, or that it will take a week to repair it.  
Seriously DJI, I don't know how the service is in other countries, but here in Shenzhen it's absolutely amazing.

@DJI people here, my case number is CAS-274872-M1W9S9, please let the guys that were responsible for the repair know that I'm extremely happy.
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United States

Glad to hear they took care of you. I also had a pretty good experience with my repair.
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DJI Natalia
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Hello JulianX4, thank you so much for your positive feedback, we'd like to provide great service to all our customers like that. And also will let the guys know their great job, thanks again.
Please enjoy your aircraft.
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Young Old Timer
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United Kingdom

Seriously DJI, I don't know how the service is in other countries, but here in Shenzhen it's absolutely amazing.
Well and  you lucky!  Here in Europe is a nightmare, you get older by the day  just waiting for a email let alone do something, if it is as good as you say i maybe a good idea for us poor abandon customers    to ship our drone to china to get them fix it  because the way we get treated here it might be quicker to work to China {:4_142:}
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