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Ronin M tilt motor becomes VERY HOT; Remote not working.
2060 1 2016-10-6
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Yesterday I unpacked my brand new Ronin M, put it together, balanced the camera, turned it on, then got the motor noise where it began calibrating, but after a while it just stopped without finishing properly (you could just turn the camera around and the motors did not provide stabilization). And the tilt motor became very very hot. The remote, even though it was paired (green light), also did not work.

After connecting the Ronin M to the PC via the USB cable, I went into the Gimbal Assistant software from DJI, and saw that the motor stiffness for all 3 axis was on 72. I think this may have been the problem. I don't know how it got on 72 and if this is the factory default or if something went wrong somewhere. But what I did is press the "Default" button in the lower right corner on all the tabs in the program to reset everything back to default. This put the motor stiffness for all 3 axis to 12.

After saving and then turning off and on the Ronin M it started up and calibrated again, and this time it succeeded and the tilt motor didn't become hot anymore. The motors worked and so did the remote.

So if you're experiencing these issues, try a complete reset to default using the software.
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Good to hear you were able to get yourself up and running. Thank you for sharing.
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