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Feature Requests for Osmo Pro
700 1 2016-10-7
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Hi all (and specifically the odd DJI folks floating around).

Couple of quick suggestions for the Osmo Pro, having spent a solid couple of days filming B-roll with it.

1) Pull / Push focus support in app (without the Focus wheel). You have a manual focus adjustment, which is great, but the ability to say: "Here is my start and here is my end" and then just tap to push/pull focus smoothly so you can you do lovely foreground to background (or vice versa) focus changes. The current system is a little janky to use if you don't have the OSMO focus tool.

2) Some method of adjusting f-stop (or a selectable parameter) using the physical controls rather than the app. Honestly in a day of shooting b-roll i was basically using the f-stop adjustment and that's about it most of the time. The ability to say, squeeze the trigger and then use the thumb control to adjust f-stop would be perfect because the app is a little awkward to use sometimes.

Thanks DJI.

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Thanks for sharing your input, I've relayed them to our engineers.
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