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Help, landing gear won't rise
759 2 2016-10-7
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Guys, need your help on something.

I'm in the Maldives with my Inspire 1 and the landing gear will not rise. It is stuck and there is a loud fan noise as if the engine was constantly trying to work.  

Has this occurred before and do you have any idea how I can fix this.  I am heading for 2 days of filming tomorrow and need the landing gear fixed.



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DJI Natalia
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Hi Pgaucher, please make sure the firmware for remote and aircraft is up to date. Besides, it's related to the environment, please do not fly over monochrome surface, such as blanket, or glass, and other pure colors, which has a negative influence on vision positioning system. Then check whether it is clean.
May I know have you tried to do it with APP instead of remote?
If no improvement, would you mind providing a short video for us? thanks.
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Just in case, it may need a nudge , try this .  The servo  worm gear may have over extended . Just turn it a small amount and then try with the RC transmitter, like I say may have over extended a wee bit.
Can you raise it manually on the remote ?  Next to ( Next to power button on the RC )  home button is a toggle for manual raising and lowering.
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