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Another HAPPY with DJI service shout out...
527 3 2016-10-10
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Just 'cause I know most people who are driven to post about customer service have probably had bad experiences, and I do not deney these at all, I just got lucky I guess...

I lost power after about 7 minutes of puting the bird through its paces, flying hard, never got a warning, maybe my fault for not doing a recent battery drain, maybe not...will never know. My Inspire just decided to do an impression of a rock... and dropped from 25-30 ft. then down the side of a steep rocky cliff another 15ft. (Picture Homer Simpson falling down the mountain.) When I called DJI they immediately e-mailed me a postage paid shipping label. After a few days they recorded the unit as checked in 9/29/16, I now have it back, fully repaired, free under warranty, on 10/10/16. EXCELLENT SERVICE!

See invoice below:

Dear Customer,

Your product sent back qualifies for repair under warranty. Repair will be finished within three to five business days.


Customer: xxx
Case No: xxx
DJI Care Balance:
Quote Date: 10-03-16
Remarks: Warranty per flight data analysis.

Item                                                            Quantity                Unit Price(USD) Total Price(USD)
Zenmuse X5 Vibration Absorbing Board         1                        99.00                       99.00
Inspire 1 landing gear set                            3                        10.00                       30.00
Inspire 1 head cover                                   1                         2.00                         2.00
Inspire 1 right arm component(large plaid)    1                        64.00                       64.00
Inspire 3510H motor cw                              1                        25.00                       25.00
Service Charge                                           2                        65.00/H                  130.00
Freight: 0.00
Total Amount:             350.00
DJI Care deduction:     0.00
Total Payment:               0.00

One comment, I wish they would let you buy insurance before they send it back so you don't have to go through making the home video and all. They would have had my money!
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Thank you for sharing your experience with DJI service. I had a great experience too.

Good job DJI

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DJI Mindy
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Thanks for supporting DJI. Hope you enjoy your flight.
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DJI Natalia
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Thank you so much for your feedback and support. We'd love to try our best to provide great service for all customers.
Enjoy your aircraft, nice day~
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