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So bought a Solo....
681 0 2016-10-13
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So I bought a Solo since Best Buy is selling complete package now for $379 including batt and extra batt. Well..... its a good thing it was $379 because for one, it took 3 minutes to get a GPS count of 9 satelites. This was in a park with clear skys and a place I fly using my Inspire sometimes. Once it finnaly found enough satelites to let me fly (around 13), I notcied the flight speed to be very slow. Something I did not like was I had to go back to the main app homescreen and into settings from there just to change its max velocity setting. This was annoying. Its overall response also is very rough. Take forward flight for example. The Inspire and Phantom both travel in forward flight are very smooth. The Solo seems to want to do a dolphin style forward flight. Example would be lean forward, flatten out almost, repeat. While it is fast in forward flight at full tilt. Its yaw speed is not. I found it to be very slow in yaw directions unless moving. I will say thou that Cable cam and Orbit do seem to beat the DJI line up thou. The way point setup as well is IMHO is better then DJI current offering as well. I do not think I should have to fly a path first to set a waypoint as that is doing nothing more then draining your pack faster since you are doing the flight twice. I know Litchi solves this but DJI could of added it to their software. Overall thou I got the Solo because it was cheap and can be a beater. It is also faster setup then my inspire and slightly longer flight time. I might spend some time thou messing with the expansion bay on it. It seems no one ever found a use for it. Anyways this thread was just me rambling on about a Solo for cheap.
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