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Osmo mobile going back
1147 1 2016-10-13
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Well, that didn't last long. I haven't even been able to get out with my Osmo mobile and do some 'proper' filming and it's going back as faulty.

It worked fine when I first got it but only a couple of weeks in, the gimbal went limp and wouldn't stabilise. I wondered if it was the phone sensor playing up as it previously worked fine, and covering the sensor did help, but I am constantly getting a message saying 'unable to rotate gimbal, adjust attitude'. That comes up when the gimbal is clearly rotating so something isn't right.

The RMA process has taken four days to get an RMA number and I finally have a UPS postage label to send it off but I'm incredibly disappointed.

The Osmo mobile isn't exactly cheap and to last only a couple of weeks is not good. Reading some of the other posts on this forum, it seems I'm not alone with having to return a faulty device.

I'll try an exchange once but if the next one goes down, I'll be getting a refund and seriously reconsidering my mavic pro preorder. I expected better.
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Hi Jimmyb, really sorry for your unpleasant experience, our engineers will properly handle your case after receiving it. Please feel free to let us know if any further questions, we'd love to help you out.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding.
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