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Ronin MX Issue - Not holding horizon while panning and tilting.
749 2 2016-10-16
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I've noticed an issue with my MX that as just recently arose.

If I pan and tilt at the same time when in SmoothTrack mode, the gimbal will not hold a level horizon.

For example, if I were to start out looking down at something and slowly pan to the right and slowly tilt up, the gimbal will pan right and tilt up just fine, but it will also roll slightly counter clock wise. When I come to a stop, the gimbal will re-level itself out.

I have SmoothTrack Pan and tilt turned on, and roll turned off, so in theory it should keep a level horizon regardless of the panning or tilting correct?

I have balanced the camera (Canon C100) as perfectly as I can get it, the balance test seems to be happy, the tune seems to be good (no vibrations or anything), I've calibrated multiple times.

And it seems like this is a recent issue, I don't remember having this issue a month ago.

Anyone have experience with this issue?

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Might be a firmware issue
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Did you happen to notice this after a firmware update, or is this happening right out of the box? What firmware do you currently have on the unit? Does this happen with the RC or just when your physically moving the gimbal?
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