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No FPV? Connection Problems? etc. If sent to DJI, what caused it?
674 1 2016-10-16
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Looks like a LOT of us are having exactly the same issue where our PV2+ stops sending FPV to mobile device. Many of us had trouble getting the range extender to connect, and when we did, we HAD telemetry and could take pix/movies, but couldn't see what we were filiming/taking pix of. THEN, after attempting suggestions from DJI, like re-binding, we LOST telemetry and ability to take pix in spite of the range extender being connected (green light in the app on the starting page, above the 4 options of camera, settings, etc).

I've seen on this forum that DJI keeps telling people to send their quads in for repair, at cost to the owner if out of warrnaty, as MOST PV2+'s are by now.  By looking through a lot of posts, I've seen only a few diagnosis of what was actually wrong. So I have a few questions for y'all:

1) Has anybody rolled back the update that seems to have created the issue for many people? If yes, did it fix the problem? I know this can be a tough process to accomplish, but if it works, that would be great information for those that have paid to have "repairs" done.

2) If you have sent your quad in for repair, what did the say the issue was, and WHY did they say it became an issue?

3) What was the resolution? If you were out of warranty, did you have to pay shipping? Did you have to pay for the repair? If so, how much was shipping + repair?

I have babied my quad. I learned to fly on smaller ones, then got a much cheaper big quad like this, THEN got my PV2+. I caliburate each time, I keep it in a protective waterproof travel case with pluck-n-pull foam. I have not crashed, or even had a rough landing, and no water issues at all. I only have about 25 flights on it. Support has told me that it could be that there is a bad module that needs repair/replacement. . . this sounds a bit fishy as it was working just fine, then was put up for a few months, then after updating for more flights, this problem happened. . . EXACTLY like many of you. It seems to be beyond coincidence, but I'd love to be proven wrong by y'all. I suppose a lot of modules could have gone bad in exactly the same way, at exactly the same time.

Thanks y'all. I'll by going to my local hobby shop where there is an expert waiting for me. I will also be going to another authorized dealer that is a Professional Camera shop with some experts on these quads as well. I'll be getting thier opinions and will post their findings here. IF I send mine in, I'll update the findings here as well.

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New to the site, joined to find answers to this topic/issue..

I emailed DJI and have not got a response.

I flew mine yesterday for about 7-10 minutes and then landed (NO hard landings EVER) everything worked as it should, about 30 minutes later prepared for another flight and the camera had a grey and black(marbled) screen. I went ahead and did a short flight and had my fiance hold my phone using the video and camera buttons on the phone as we could see the red video light was working. So after the flight when we got home we checked the SD card and all video and pictures were there.

Today I turned it all on again and had the same grey/black screen did a short flight videoing from take off until I landed and still got the video. then went into settings and was messing around but left all settings the same then connected to the drone/camera again and now have a ALL black screen but everything else works.
I deleted the app from my Iphone shut down the phone turned it back on downloaded the app again and now the DJI app won't let me sign in, I know I have the username & password correct but it won't log me in. It did the same thing a week ago and finally I registered under a different email address and all was good until today, now I am back to the same thing plus now the camera has no FPV on my phone.

I hope someone can figure this out, quite discouraging with the amount spent on these drones, I got mine from a VERY good customer who had 2 and just got a Phantom 4, I was going to jump right in and get the Inspire 1 but I have been reading for months and all these small issues in different models deterred me and I am glad I didn't go that route.  

Thanks, Mark

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